Interior Design Services

Every home is unique, which is why I offer a bespoke interior design service, tailored to you and your home.

I undertake all project sizes so whether you require inspirational mood boards to start you on your design journey, floor plans or complete project management, there is a service to suit you and your budget. View my interior design services below.


The initial consultation is free of charge and presents an opportunity to establish a client brief, what you want and need in terms of both design and service and for you to discover how my services can help you.


Inspiration through images, colour and textures. A mood board is the first step to a successful project and serves as the centre piece of the design process. Once presented, it will help you visualise how your space will look and feel and will be used as a reference to complete the project.


Utilising an Interior Designers product knowledge can save you hours of searching for the perfect furniture and finishes. This can be for a single item or whole room. Where required, a sample tray detailing finishes will be presented along with a complete product specification.


Furniture plans help to create a practical space for everyday living, ensuring everything you want is incorporated into the room and saving costly mistakes. Whilst lighting plans are developed to not only enhance a room but provide the different levels of lighting required for a functional space.


A complete package – overseeing an entire project from the initial concept stage through to completion and managing each aspect in between, such as floor plans, product sourcing and finishing. All project sizes are undertaken, whether you are re-designing an existing space or building and extending your home.


Overwhelmed by the number of colours you can choose from? Do you have a cupboard full of samples but still haven’t found the perfect shade? Do you need help finding the perfect colour for your home or room? Whether you need help choosing one or two colours for your home or a complete colour pallet for a space I can help.

Online Services

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Online Mood Board
Colour Scheme

When designing a room a mood board is the first step to a successful project. It contains images, styling and a colour scheme to help you visualise how your space will look and feel and will be used as a reference to complete the project. With the help of my online mood boards, you’ll be able to create a beautiful home with confidence without the fear of making mistakes.

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Whether you are embarking on a new project, seeking inspiration for a renovation, or simply curious about my interior design services, I can help!

When you’re ready to take the next step, I’m here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.